REI Cooking Challenge

June 23, 2021

In this event participants put their creativity and cooking skills to the test while supporting refugee communities across the world!

REI teamed up with a variety of food and hospitality companies to create a cooking challenge you can enjoy even at home in your own kitchen! 

Participants must think outside the box as they are given a limited list of ingredients to encourage thinking about what it takes to cook a meal in a refugee camp. Recipes are limited to only these ingredients as well as oil, salt, and pepper.

The dishes were judged on imaginativeness and resourcefulness, and winners were chosen by REI and sponsors of the Cooking Challenge!

Recipe submitted by user @annacobau on Instagram.

You can see the creative recipes and delicious food creations of past participants on Instagram under the hashtag #REIcooking challenge, and previous winners on REI’s Instagram page @refugeeempowermentintl. 

Food is an essential part of our daily lives, just as it is for displaced communities across the world. Kindness is a dish best served warm–we can challenge our cooking skills while making a difference!

Previous sponsors include the Alishan Organic Center, Sato no Yuki, The Tokyo EDITION Toranomon and Farm Canning.