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No matter who you are, you have the power to make a valuable contribution to support refugees worldwide and we would love you to be involved in our organization in whatever capacity you are able. REI thrives thanks to variety of skills that volunteers, sponsors and interns bring to the organisation. People like you!

Professional Skills

We always welcome volunteers with specific skills such as fund-raising, graphic design, marketing and event organising. It is an opportunity for you to use your skills in a different way – or skills that you cannot use in your work – and make an impact on other communities. It is also an opportunity for you to work with a diverse team of people. The time required for these roles varies from 4–15 hours per week.

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We welcome applications from people who are seeking internships in the humanitarian field to further the cause of refugee empowerment. We encourage undergraduate students, postgraduate students, young professionals, and others interested in refugee and displacement issues to apply. Internships provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to gain work experience in the field of NGOs.

We accept internship applications at any time. There are no deadlines or specific internship cycles.

Our internships may be part-time or full-time, and are for a minimum of three months. Candidates must be flexible and prepared to develop projects independently as well as working with others.

From Previous Interns

Upon joining REI, I quickly came to learn about the struggle of refugees and the displaced who have lost their homes and lives to conflict. The enthusiasm and passion of the ED, Jane, inspired me (and many others) to raise awareness of refugee issues and do something about them. REI has put me on a path that I never could have hoped for otherwise. It is an opportunity to broaden your mind and your horizons. More importantly though, REI provides you with a chance to give hope to those who need it most.
Will Mawhinney, Intern April 2013 to July 2014

My time at REI as an intern began in January 2015 and it was one of the most valuable and life-changing experiences. I owe a great number of thanks to REI as it taught me some things that university books cannot teach me and also had a profound effect on my career options. I believe that my experience at REI has been more priceless and irreplaceable than any books as it provided me with an insight of true hardships and the obstacles refugees face.
Maki Nesterov, Intern January to April 2015

My three months at REI were filled with countless unexpected learning experiences. My only warning is…be careful and realistic about what you can do…..since there are not limits on what you can do.
Kie Watanabe, Intern July to September 2010

REI School programs

When I was a year 6 student, my friends and I organised a meeting with you to discuss the plight of refugees and what we could do to help. I have recently been selected as one of ten delegates to represent my state at the United Nations Youth National Conference. I was selected because of my passion for human rights in particular for refugees and asylum seekers. I would just like to say thank you for all of your help those many years ago because doing that fundraiser and talking to you about refugees was the start of my passion and without it I may not have been given this amazing opportunity. Thank you very much for taking me seriously as an 11 year old and helping to encourage my passion for helping others.
Bree Marlay, ex ASIJ student

Student Fundraising and Awareness Raising Activities

REI encourages students to play an active role in supporting projects that provide opportunities for those displaced by conflict around the world by leading fundraising and awareness-raising for refugee issues in their schools and communities.

We offer various schools programs. Not only do these programs give students knowledge about refugees but also they foster student leadership. For example, “REI Classroom” provides informative material as well as being organized and run by students.
If you as a school, an individual teacher, or even a student, are interested please let us know. info@rei-npo.org

By joining or forming an REI student group, you’ll:

  • Effectively support refugees through fundraising and working with an experienced Japanese NPO;
  • Develop the skills of “global citizenship”, including leadership, teamwork and organisational ability, and other skills valuable in your study life and future careers;
  • Meet passionate, like-minded other students from schools across the Kanto area.

What Schools are Doing

Seisen Elementary students organised a fund-raising day at school and raised ¥110,000. They were inspired to to this after listening to a presentation from REI about refugees. The students said:
“Refugees are just like us, they’ve just lost everything, it could happen to any child & it’s not fair.”
“Jane told us we should have fun raising money.”
“The refugees should have what we have, they’re children like us.”

At Junten Middle and High School, students annually organise a Sponsored Run to raise money for REI projects.

Individual students also contribute to REI’s cause.
10 year-old Rosie H asked for cash instead of presents on her birthday. Her brothers thought she was mad but Rosie said she had plenty of things and wanted refugee children to have the opportunities she has. Rosie donated ¥35,000 to REI.
5 year-old Inez C did a 5km scoot around Yoyogi Park. She prepared the flyers herself and sent them out to friends and family. Inez raised ¥30,000 to support REI.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the students and teachers who have supported us!

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