Together for Sudan

Women’s Literacy Classes in Sudan

May 31, 2012

This project will initiate, organize and support 20 literacy classes for internally displaced women in the areas surrounding Khartoum, Sudan. The teachers will set up classes in their own neighbourhood, directly reaching 400 displaced women with literacy skills that are key to finding work.

Ophthalmic Care to IDPs in Townships around Khartoum

November 1, 2008

This is the fourth year of funding from REI for this project. During the previous year the project conducted outreaches in twenty neighborhoods and IDPs settlements in Khartoum area and one week outreach in Kadugli hospital in the Nuba Mountains.

Women’s Literacy Project in Darfur, Sudan (June 2008)

June 4, 2008

This project is will provide 350 women from El Fasher with the skills of reading and writing. To provide this education Together for Sudan will establish 14 literacy classes and pay the incentives of the 14 teachers on a monthly basis for nine months every year.

Women’s Literacy Project in Darfur, Sudan (2008)

April 28, 2008

Having been engulfed in internal conflict for more than three years now, the community area of El Fasher in which Together for Sudan seeks to set up women’s literacy classes is an impoverished community of not less than 200,000 people.