Training in Human Rights, Leadership and the Environment

January 2, 2018

Agency: Karenni Social Development Centre

Over the last 20 years more than 22,000 Karenni people have been displaced from their homes in Karenni (Kayah) state in Myanmar. Many more live as internally displaced persons within Karenni state.

Education and employment opportunities for those in the camps are limited so few Karenni know about human rights and how to protect their interests.

Karenni Social Development Centre (KNSDC) set out to train young people to be aware of their rights and to understand the rule of law, democracy, care for the environment and general leadership skills for working with their communities.

REI has supported the work of KNSDC for some years and has seen the progress it has made as it has developed its integrated syllabus and seen alumni from the courses go on to become mobile trainers and change-makers, both in the camps and within Karenni state.

The funding covers the training for 35 young adults in the basic course and 26 applicants selected from the basic course to continue their studies in the Advanced Community Management Course.

Alumni have gone on to work in camp committees, for NGOs and within their home communities inside Karenni state teaching people about their rights and campaigning for better services to be provided. Many of these young people are driven to do this work because they see the difficulties that their parents and friends have experienced.