Funded Projects

Projects funded are run by experienced groups in the refugee and IDP community. We ensure that support reaches groups swiftly and efficiently.

Baby Kits and Health Training

July 5, 2019

This project provides 600 baby kits to villages in five sites within Karen state Myanmar, including Ee Htu Hta internal displacement camp.

Kindergarten for Syrian children in Lebanon

December 19, 2017

There are over 1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Amongst this number are nearly 400,000 children which has placed a large burden on Lebanese state schools.

Social Development Centre Café and Shop

October 1, 2016

The Karenni Social Development Center (SDC), based on the Thai/Burma border, will trial a microfinance project that will help the organization generate a small income, and enable the students to learn valuable vocational skills.

Kindergarten for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

October 1, 2016

Refugee children from Syria face the difficult task of going to school in a different language and culture. The schools in Lebanon are quite different than those in Syria and it is therefore difficult for them to adjust without preparation.

Baby Kits and Women’s Health

April 30, 2016

This project will supply Baby Kits which include laundry soap, body soap, baby wraps, clippers and a health message to 8 different sites reaching at least 2,400 mothers and their newborn babies.

Addiction Prevention, Education and Training

January 1, 2016

Community prevention education reaches beyond those addicted to their families, friends and neighbors. The work of the DARE network reaches thousands of people in camps on the Thai-Myanmar border and inside Myanmar.